Najma Ali Al Rashdi

I am Najma. I am currently an undergraduate-studying logistics. Looking forward for what the future has to offer besides of what I have planned for myself, in hopes that they align well. I enjoy embarking on a new hobby every once in a while for a sense of change, but what I keep coming back to is reading, writing, cooking, singing and some side doodles. There is really no limit to my interest, it changes with seasons. So does my subject of poetry!

I started writing as early as I can remember, back then it was how I kept myself entertained. I’d send letters to my dad or create my own comics! As I got older, I would write down my dreams and complete it. Adding my own flares or twists to it. It was the most versatile form of artistry, therefore I was keen on developing it. Quite frankly, from that experience I’ve established that anything that is able to spark my interest can be turned inspirational. The artistry in being able to approach writing from your own perspective then sending it off to the world as a message or a lesson or just simply to celebrate its eloquence. It is always a pleasing sight and a good tune to the ears.

I think the challenge of being able to open up without the feeling of shame overwhelming me was the hardest. Now I do it joyfully! That feeling that I would be judged or not being taken seriously and feeling some sort of embarrassment. That is the shame I am speaking of. Being raw and vulnerable was a problem...Not anymore! People out there need some sense of reassurance that they aren’t alone in this gigantic world. So, hello world!

2016 Win:

Third Place, Poetry 2016



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