92 pages, 27 pieces of Poetry

Introduced by Dr. Farook Babrakazai

"Ali's poems reflect life as we see and feel it. He sings what others feel in their hearts".

Artwork by Rasha and Reem Abdul Ra'oof Al-Suwaid

Selected pieces of poetry

A Blind Man's Dream (Part 1)

He fell into a coma
Into a long sleep
Not knowing where he is
Or where he would be

“Where am I?”
“You are where you are supposed to be”
“And where is that?”
“The land of the loved, the lost – the land of eternity”

“Will he ever wake up?”
“It is hard to tell”
Trapped inside.
Cocooned. Shelled.

“Search your heart; what do you seek?”
“I seek a woman who will love me for me”

“Is it not a lost cause?”
“Why would it be so?”
“Look to where it has gotten you to, to where you are lost…”
“’Tis true”

Simple features
Of a hand
Difficult things
To comprehend

Life calls up
On what it seems
Like examinations
On a military playfield

Of my dreams

How are you?
Where are you?
And how do you sleep?

I miss you
In my arms
I need you
To clear away the harm

“It is better to have loved and lost”
“Than to never have loved at all”

Rivers of passion
Fields of grey
Has doomsday come?
Because there is no soul in my place

“Why can’t I move?”
“You are paralyzed by reality”
“Which would be…?”
“Strength. Honor. Nobility”

“Would he live long like this?”
“It is hard to say”
“Give us a guess”
“Cases like this are dismissed, most probably, by the end of the day”

“Is there nothing we can do?”
“Hope and pray”
Terror. Grief.
Come what may.

The sunset in my eyes
The stars of delight
Where the moon may shine on your face
My first ‘love at first sight’

Hand in hand
Fingers tight
Together we would be
'Till the day either of us dies

“Should I scream?”
“You cannot”
“Should I try to run?”
“You cannot”
“Should I hide from someone?”
“Even if you tried, you cannot”
“Then what must I do?”
“The dreams you hold in your hands. The reality on which you cannot come to comprehend. They tell you lies. You – should find... the truth”

In the quest for love, hope, and fame
The reality of which I play is just a game

The beach. The moon.
The sky. The stars.
The truth, of which I am so eager to live for
It is not even beyond me – it is just too far

What I ask for
Is more than the truth, it is a heart
The heart of a woman
Who will love at first spark

What, how, when, or why
This is the truth that stands in face of all the lies

Injured inside
Hurt below
Life just keeps on playing with you
Just like a casino ball

In the end of all this
No accomplishment is made
Just look
At the price you have paid”

When You See me

When you see me

Don't make a modest smile

Don't wink

Don't tease me

Because I don't want to be hypnotized by your eyes

In-spelled by the beauty in your face

And the remarkableness and complexity in which God has created your grace

When you see me

Don't take pity on me

The hunted cavalier

'Drive by, do, or dare'

Someone as beautiful as you, definitely has someone in mind

or maybe somebody is already in line

love lasts for all your years- would you

Or someone such as you- be there in time?

I'd rather not live another lie

When you see me

Just pass by

Make it as though you never even noticed me

'I'd rather eat a day's old pair of socks and die!'

Walk on by

Wondrous you

Whom you make me black and blue

Whom I never cease to exist in front of you

Brown eyes, true love never dies

For this is the way that it is meant to be...