alimehdi (1978- 2008)

A poet, a columnist and a prolific blogger and writer. Initiated several blog sites that were very popular amongst his generation; there sites were:

Ali Mehdi published three collections of his poetry: Rapidly Blue (2002), Wonderous World (2005) and his posthumous book In the Dimmest of Light (2008) and numerous columns and articles on his blog sites, the online edition of the Times of Oman, Oman Daily Observer, The Week and Sultan Qaboos University's Horizon.

To Ali, writing was an integral ingredient of his survival kit.

Ali held a BA with honours, from Luton University in collaboration with Majan University College in Muscat majoring in Business Administration (Tourism) following the inaugural term at the University of Mu'tah in Jordan in Computer Science, realizing soon thereafter that it was not what he had envisioned for his career. He joined a professional diploma course in Insurance at the College of Banking and Financial Studies but was often interrupted due to illness.

Following schooling, he joined the private sector, and to his dismay, it was not his cup of tea.

Travelled extensively throughout the World and enjoyed learning from and about other individuals and cultures.

Ali was an amicable, sociable, affable and transparent individual. He loathed hypocrisy and sought fulfillment in open-minded, down-to-earth and truthful exchange of thoughts and feelings.

Sadly, his soul searching expeditions had to come to an end when he succumbed to his illness, on his hospital bed on June 21st 2008 amongst family.

Ali Mehdi left a legacy of a young courageous daring individual and an articulate poet and columnist who sought to reach out with an earnest desire to change the World and reintroduce sincerity and truthfulness in our lives and relationships. That was his never ending desire and quest. He touched the lives of many with his openness, sincerity, dedication and noble selflessness. He kept reminding us of his fighting attributes by often saying that he managed to "snatch success out of the jaws of defeat".

May Ali's soul rest in peace in its eternal abode. Amen